go into partnership

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That will give me a forty-man-power, and I 'll pay up my debts and get a good start, and then Ned and I will be married and go into partnership, and we 'll all be the happiest, busiest people in the West.
Then you lend me another thousand of your three and we have enough for a start, so we'll go into partnership, and what are we going to do?
In his response, the High Commissioner of Singapore said his country could go into partnership with Nigeria in exchange for technical skills, training of entrepreneurs and public servants.
In addition to the current arrangement with Kebbi State, Lagos would go into partnership with neighboring states, to ensure sustainable inputs for the mill and foster regional economic integration.
This is a sole undertaking of the National University but once this is done, we can go into partnership, Sy said.
Lyn is horrified when she realises that Steph has agreed to go into partnership with her former stepfather POBOL Y CWM .
In extreme cases, to avoid fields being mothballed, Brown calls for the Government to go into partnership to take over a field.
ALEX POLIZZI: THE FIXER BBC2, 9pm How do small businesses cope when they go into partnership with the 'big boys'?
But the council announced the plan to go into partnership with the firm had been kicked into the long grass.
Elaine asked me to go into partnership with her as she felt that although she has the experience of running the business, I could bring new and fresh ideas to the shop and help build up the business as a team.
Having recently qualified as a 'level two' swimming teacher, she has plans to go into partnership with a leisure operator to roll out a learn-to-swim programme for young children entitled Becky Adlington's Swim Stars, the report said.
The brothers do go into partnership, only for Syed to forge a cheque with Tamwar's signature to pay off his debt.