go into partnership

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Then you lend me another thousand of your three and we have enough for a start, so we'll go into partnership, and what are we going to do?
In extreme cases, to avoid fields being mothballed, Brown calls for the Government to go into partnership to take over a field.
ALEX POLIZZI: THE FIXER BBC2, 9pm How do small businesses cope when they go into partnership with the 'big boys'?
But the council announced the plan to go into partnership with the firm had been kicked into the long grass.
Elaine asked me to go into partnership with her as she felt that although she has the experience of running the business, I could bring new and fresh ideas to the shop and help build up the business as a team.
Having recently qualified as a 'level two' swimming teacher, she has plans to go into partnership with a leisure operator to roll out a learn-to-swim programme for young children entitled Becky Adlington's Swim Stars, the report said.
The MoICT further added that presently it awaits responses from operators stating their willingness to go into partnership with the government for completing the National Broadband Network project.
The brothers do go into partnership, only for Syed to forge a cheque with Tamwar's signature to pay off his debt.
The chairman of a University of Birmingham teaching union has said some members felt "trepidation" at plans for the university to go into partnership with the University of Nottingham.
The Examiner exclusively revealed this week that Huddersfield's hospital trust was to go into partnership with the East Lancashire NHS Hospital Trust.
The investment conference attracted over 100 high-level delegates and individuals from around the world who wanted to get first-hand experience of existing and upcoming opportunities in Rwanda, and judging from feedback obtained from Kigali, the participants were widely impressed, leading to further negotiations between interested parties to go into partnership.
If a partnership is needed, why not go into partnership with or merge with the Durham Police Authority.