go near

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He was gruff, vulgar, ill-tempered; the chief ought to be kicked for letting her go near him
But the most ordinary cause of a single life, is liberty, especially in certain self-pleasing and humorous minds, which are so sensible of every restraint, as they will go near to think their girdles and garters, to be bonds and shackles.
Pierre did not know why, but since Karataev had begun to grow weaker it had cost him an effort to go near him.
Strickland would not go near them, not from any affectation of stoicism, for I found him seated on a three-legged stool when I went into the studio one day and he was alone, but because he did not like them.
When their eyes first encountered him there was a sudden halt, as if they feared to go near.
As it was not in the plan of the present hunting campaigns to go near the caches on Green River, and as the trappers were in want of traps to replace those they had lost, Captain Bonneville undertook to visit the caches, and procure a supply.
Meanwhile, I had not the courage to go near my club, and the Temple was a place where I was accosted in every court, effusively congratulated on the marvellous preservation of my stale spoilt life, and invited right and left to spin my yarn over a quiet pipe
Bless my looking glass, but I don't want to go near it
Nobody would live in it afterward, or go near it by night, and most people even gave it a wide berth in the daytime.
Take care of it,' said he, 'and don't let it go near the rabbit-warren, for the gamekeeper swears he'll shoot it if he sees it there again: he would have done so to-day, if I had not been in time to stop him.
Don't go near the window," said Anna, trying the paint to see if it were dry.
I beg your pardon, Sir,' said Kit, who had listened to this discourse with a lengthening countenance, 'but if that's the reason, I'm afraid I should do more harm than good--Miss Nell, Sir, she knows me, and would trust in me, I am sure; but old master-- I don't know why, gentlemen; nobody does--would not bear me in his sight after he had been ill, and Miss Nell herself told me that I must not go near him or let him see me any more.