go next

See: follow, succeed
References in classic literature ?
Now," said Dorothy, as they stood on the mountain path, having left behind them the cave in which dwelt the Hoppers and the Horners, "I think we must find a road into the Country of the Winkies, for there is where Ojo wants to go next.
An' to-morrow I'll hustle around to the stables, an' if I locate anything we can rent a shack an' have all winter to think about where we'll go next year.
You are a mere infant, but you'll go next, Jo, and we'll be left lamenting," said Laurie, shaking his head over the degeneracy of the times.
Whatever his feelings might have been, Laurie found a vent for them in a long low whistle and the fearful prediction as they parted at the gate, "Mark my words, Jo, you'll go next.
Tepus was chosen to go next and he fell into the same error with Will Scarlet.
I determined to go next day and see the Time Traveller again.
I hope, at any rate," he added, "that there is nothing incoherent in this--that I want to go next Sunday to the Carmelite chapel in the Avenue de Messine.
The better the ground the better he'll be, so that will determine where he'll go next.
Travellers can now easily decide where to go next with a fantastic offer of up to 40% off on all-inclusive fares," the Doha-based carrier has said in a press statement.
Travellers can now easily decide where to go next with fantastic fares to Australia (starting from e1/4919), South Africa (starting from e1/4699), Seychelles (from e1/4969) and Thailand (from e1/4859).
He hinted this week that he may yet go back into club football, stating on Twitter that he would have a big decision to make in the have a big decision to make in the f y g he needs to remember you can go next 18 months.
Ellison, though, has no plans where he will go next.