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But I don't want to go overboard. He has joined us from school and he is still a baby really.
As a nation, we tend to go overboard in defeat and in victory, but the calm and level-headed attitude of the Welsh coach Mike Ruddock has been exemplary, and has kept our feet (almost) on the ground.
Writers are invited to go overboard with their entry for this year's Gateshead short story competition.
Unless you go overboard, you will lose the building"
Bradesco President Marcio Cypriano says the Brazilian bank will continue to build its business in Brazil through buyouts and organic growth, but it won't go overboard on international acquisitions.
While it's appropriate, and even advisable to replace any weight you may have dropped during the fall (training for a marathon, for example), don't go overboard. Here are some strategies to put in place this winter to avoid packing on excessive pounds.
It's just that some vendors go overboard in promising that putting a red dot on your opponent's chest will turn him into a whimpering puddle of compliance.
Document after document has warned the faithful not to go overboard in devotion to Mary.
[] To show he's not a robot, does Gore go overboard in displaying deep emotion?
A part from suspecting that he occasionally invents a myth to attack, it might also be objected that Humphreys has a tendency to go overboard in his desire to be nonjudgmental and even-handed by glossing over controversies, refraining from taking definite stands, and wryly dismissing possibly legitimate criticisms because they apply to others (especially Americans) as well.
As the ad fades out, the viewer is told not to go overboard when investing on-line.
However, don't go overboard on the home page--include your basics with hyperlinks to contact information for specific departments.