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And youngsters and staff at the nursery are pictured preparing to cut a special Merry Go Round cake.
The latest in SkyTeam's series of regional travel passes, the Go Round Asia and Southwest Pacific pass has been designed as a 'mini-Round the World' ticket that offers cost savings on flights operated by SkyTeam members serving these regions.
I was at a two-lane roundabout, in the left-hand lane to go round the roundabout and take the third exit.
I can't go round for tea without blushing every time I look @ her.
Going the slow gallop early helped him, as he was able to go round the outside on the back straight and get in a winning position.
Cheryl and I have decided that next time I go round hers, we'll recreate the Lady Gaga video for Telephone.
Maybe it's a girl thing, but who wants to spend two hours watching cars go round and round and round?
Now she says: "I can go round the ice on my own, away from the barriers.
I replied: ' Perhaps we all go round thinking you look bloomin' daft.
Goods go round in a "carousel" via bogus supply chains within and beyond the EU because they are repeatedly imported and exported.
At first it was just baby-sitting occasionally for her five-year-old son, then she asked if my husband could go round and do some chores for her.
The early Welsh schools were staffed by idealists - 'zealots' even - and there were enough to go round.

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