go separate ways

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EE's holding companies might seek to go separate ways in the not-too-distant future.
Couples arriving at the rabbinical court in the rocket-battered southern city of Ashdod in the past week were amazed to discover that they would have to go separate ways in case of an air raid siren -- the men to the safe room and the women to one of the courtrooms.
Back in November 2012, Zynga revamped its contract with Facebook allowing the two go separate ways. As per the amended agreement, Zynga was freed from using Facebook as the default log-in for users while Facebook was allowed build own games, though the social networking giant declined any intentions of doing so in the near future.
If you can't forgive, go separate ways, because life is too short to live a lie."
LAST FENCE DRAMA Saludos and Robbie Power go separate ways in yesterday's showpiece
Rising friction between the two partners and HMSI's growing competition with Hero Honda were the reasons that have prompted the two partners to go separate ways, said market sources.
He even indicated that if the South was an obstacle to the implementation of Islamic sharia he would let the South go separate ways. This was not at all an indication of bridging the North-South divide for a united Sudan.
near The Upfront Theatre, closed in early January after the owners, Radley Muller and Tina Ducker, decided to go separate ways.
Nicholls could have up to four horses with big chances of landing him a fourth Gold Cup crown in a row at next year's Festival, but the big two of Kauto Star and Denman are set to go separate ways until they meet again at Cheltenham.