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A portion or part of something that may be divided into components, such as a sum of money. A unit of stock that represents ownership in a corporation.


n. 1) a portion of a benefit from a trust, estate, claim or business usually in equal division (or a specifically stated fraction) with others ("to my three daughters, in equal shares"). 2) a portion of ownership interest in a corporation, represented by a stock certificate stating the number of shares of an issue of the corporation's stock.

SHARE. A portion of anything. Sometimes shares are equal, at other times they are unequal.
     2. In companies and corporations the whole of the capital stock is usually divided into equal proportions called shares. Shares in public companies have sometimes been held to be real estate, but most usually they are considered as personal property. Wordsw. Jo. Sto. Co. ch. 1 P, p. 288. 3. The proportion which descends to one of several children from his ancestor, is called a share. The term share and share alike, signifies in equal proportions. See Perpart.

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"However, we view GO shares as nearly fairly valued at current levels as the company's differentiated model, extreme customer value proposition, and potentially very long-term and low-risk sustainable growth horizon (with an opportunity to establish over 4,000 stores in the US) appear well-appreciated by investors," Ohmes wrote in a note.
The redi- GO shares the same threecylinder, 800- cc petrol- powered engine as seen on the Kwid, mated to a five- speed gearbox.
Go shares that GT Stoneworks went through many high and low points and that it turned mistakes such as lapses in color and design, pricing strategy and store locations into chances to learn more and strengthen the company.