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Cliff's vast experience, his Iowa roots and his deep commitment to baseball and youth sports will serve our team in innumerable ways," said Denise Stillman, President/CEO of Go the Distance Baseball.
A source told me: "They had a great time together and it did look like the relationship was going to go the distance.
But if this does go the distance your stock could drop.
The regimen is 7 days of 8 tests of physical and mental endurance which concludes a test given at the end of a 20-week training program, and GO THE DISTANCE offers lessons from these tests so that a person of average fitness can achieve new heights.
Neither have especially good KO ratios, so the fight looks a good bet to go the distance.
Though both men have decent KO records, they were forged largely on a diet of palookas and this fight looks destined to go the distance, which Corals generously quote at 6-5.
Regarding "Blasts from the Past: Astronomers begin to go the distance with gamma-ray bursts" (SN: 2/11/06, p.