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He had told Seth to go to the Chase and leave a message for the squire, saying that Adam Bede had been obliged to start off suddenly on a journey--and to say as much, and no more, to any one else who made inquiries about him.
He had intended to go right on his way from the Hall Farm, but now the impulse which had frequently visited him before--to go to Mr.
Won't you please get it over right off because I'd like to go to the picnic with nothing on my mind.
Don't you think it's pretty rough not to let her go to the picnic when she's so set on it?
You can like me all you want to, but if I see you hanging round with Lena much, I'll go to your grandmother, as sure as your name's Jim Burden
The old man made me go to the skiff and fetch the things he had got.
Yes, just as that man has got that son raised at last, and ready to go to work and begin to do suthin' for HIM and give him a rest, the law up and goes for him.
You think I'm just good enough to stand you dinners and theatres when there's no one else to do it, and when someone else turns up I can go to hell.
I can't go to the trouble of dressing again; I don't feel like it.
The first time he spoke to me after we were at Yarmouth, which was not till two or three days, for we were separated in the town to several quarters; I say, the first time he saw me, it appeared his tone was altered; and, looking very melancholy, and shaking his head, he asked me how I did, and telling his father who I was, and how I had come this voyage only for a trial, in order to go further abroad, his father, turning to me with a very grave and concerned tone "Young man," says he, "you ought never to go to sea any more; you ought to take this for a plain and visible token that you are not to be a seafaring man.
Now, child,' says she, 'there is a rare opportunity, for the fire being so near that you may go to it before the street is blocked up with the crowd.
I said, 'No, sweetheart, 'tis to go to another place; it does not belong to them.