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She could write about Jane Austen or her garden or go to the mat with Sen.
And when it comes down to the wire, and licensing isn't an option, you and your team may have to go to the mat and defend your business' intellectual property.
"It's not a full-blown revenue cap, so I don't want to say we're going to go to the mat on this."
There's an underlying and sometimes vituperative sense of frustration toward President Barack Obama and especially his supposed inability to go to the mat.
But who's going to go to the mat on that, once Gabey (Tony Yazbeck), Chip (Jay Armstrong Johnson) and Ozzie (Clyde Alves) come bounding down the gangplank of their ship (highly stylized, as are all of Beowulf Boritt's vividly hued sets) and break into a rousing version of "New York, New York." Once established, that dynamic spirit carries the boys from the Brooklyn Navy Yard onto the subway, where Yazbeck's manly Gabey falls for the lovely Ivy Smith (Megan Fairchild).
When it came to selling, the couple must have wanted a broker who'd go to the mat for them.
Most of us do not have to take out a limited-time contract with the electric company or water/sewer utility and then go to the mat with it every couple of years to renegotiate the terms.
As the Air Force made known that it would go to the mat for F-35 money, Lockheed Martin's stock price soared from $115 to $170.