go to the polls

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Answer: Political analysts have calculated that if church-going Catholics and Evangelicals go to the polls with the above issues in mind, we can deliver a tremendous blow against the culture of death, strengthening the pro-life cause something that may resonate for ten years or more.
Voters could put their X in an abstention box but would be fined - as Australians are - if they did not go to the polls.
Go to the polls on Tuesday, November 4, and vote for the candidates of your choice.
Summary: David Miliband says Vladimir Putin is a 'ruthless dictator' as Russians go to the polls to choose their next president.
To go to the polls before that would be to go off half cocked.
Summary: Iraq's most powerful Shiite cleric on Monday called on Iraqis to go to the polls in this month's elections but noted he was not supporting any particular candidates.
voters go to the polls they will see Measure R, titled, ``Councilmember term limits of three terms; city lobbying, campaign finance and ethics laws.
Shiite imams transmitted the word of the majority community's most powerful cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani: Go to the polls and vote "yes".
2 Avoid the Crowds If you can, go to the polls during off hours: 10 a.
In fact, voters who feel a strong bond with any political party are more likely to go to the polls than those who don't.
But the constitution is not clear on whether he can seek another term, begging the question as to what might await the country when voters go to the polls.
Focus on the Family President James Dobson repeatedly urged his national radio flock to go to the polls and implored pastors to prod their congregants.