go to the polls

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Young people worry about the quality of care their parents will receive as they get older, while their parents worry that the opportunities they had - a stable career and a the chance to own your own home if you want to - won't be extended to their There are just over five weeks till New Zealand go to the polls, I'll be watching with interest from back home.
Similarly, about five lakh registered voters from amongst Pakistan-based Jammu and Kashmir refugees would go to the poll to elect their representatives in all 12 electoral constituencies of the 49-seat AJK Legislative Assembly on direct adult franchise basis.
party's decision not to go to the polls with the NC in July this year came at an appropriate time.
Ayatollah Nouri Hamedani called on Iranians to go to the polls and said taking part in elections is "a religious and rational duty.
I don't have any question about whether Republicans and conservatives and Christians are going to go to the polls," he said in a pre-recorded interview with NBC's Today Show which aired Tuesday.
In the May poll, 49% of citizens said they will go to the polls from 4 to 7 June, up from 34% in January.
Most Maoist affected areas of the state will go to the polls in the first phase on Thursday.
VOTERS go to the polls tomorrow to elect a councillor for Redcar and Cleveland Council's Guisborough ward.
HILLARY CLINTON is 7-1 with Hills to quit the race for the White House this week as the voters of Ohio and Texas go to the polls for presidential primaries today.
While about 80 percent of eligible residents are registered to vote, a majority don't make the effort to go to the polls.
Some aides are urging him to go to the polls and allies admit he is "sorely tempted".