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And--I say--Dob-- don't be angry with me, and I'll give you a hundred next month, when I know my father will stand something handsome; and I'll ask Heavytop for leave, and I'll go to town, and see Amelia to-morrow-- there now, will that satisfy you?
Without doubt he would leave Middlemarch, go to town, and make himself fit for celebrity by "eating his dinners.
This wish was levelled principally at Julia, who had just applied for permission to go to town with Maria; and as Sir Thomas thought it best for each daughter that the permission should be granted, Lady Bertram, though in her own good-nature she would not have prevented it, was lamenting the change it made in the prospect of Julia's return, which would otherwise have taken place about this time.
and if my uncle and aunt go to town this springbut I am afraidthey did not stir last spring I am afraid it is a custom gone for ever.
I took care to see her alone, that I might say all this, and I hope made her a little more comfortable; but I shall not be easy till I can go to town and judge of her situation myself.