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Legal: $40,000 will go towards setting up a legal entity that is able to handle contracting and IP needs.
That money will go towards security upgrades at the Camp Blanding Joint Training Center.
The club offers a wide range of community events all year round, and funds raised go towards our mission of supporting participation in sports by people of all ages and abilities.
The money raised will go towards supporting vendors of the magazine who are working hard to move on in their lives.
Even at current low interest rates, about 8 percent of your income tax dollars go toward paying interest costs annually.
The generous donations will now go towards helping parents and children across the region.
Students collecting in Birmingham City Centre have raised almost pounds 3,000 to go towards the RNIB.
A massive pounds 60,000 has gone to James Cook University, in Middlesbrough, to go towards epilepsy treatment and support.
The Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF) wants the voluntary car emissions payments, made under the State Government's Climate Change Action Plan, to go towards the development of rail infrastructure.
I believe the generated income will go towards paying off the HMRC and that we will subsequently receive the expected investment to the tune of a similar amount.
According to local sources, the investment will go towards a new dosage machine, which will help reduce flour dust and increase production.
All the proceeds will go towards the charity Breast Cancer Research.