go wrong

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The guidance, Openness and Honesty when Things go Wrong, was developed in association with the General Medical Council (GMC), and sets out standards expected for all nurses, midwives and doctors in the UK.
That's why examining what could possibly go wrong, before it goes wrong, helps me to win more sales.
We've all heard of Murphy's Law: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
Why is it that when things go wrong we seem to be drawn to them?
CARDIFF CITY manager Dave Jones admitted everything that could have gone wrong for his side against QPR did go wrong.
The buck stops at the top as everyone knows in any enterprise or business if things go wrong.
What could go wrong has gone wrong but we must overcome it because bigger names and better managers than me have lost more than five and come back.
Considering the complexity of our positions, the number of participants, coaches, and contests that we direct, and the endless responsibilities we have, something surely has to go wrong sometimes.
I'm sure there are many cases where it doesn't go wrong, but that doesn't make an interesting story.
And I tell you they always go wrong at the most crucial time.
This would produce more things that can go wrong and lower reliability.