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Unless you're flogging something that can land on a dime, the situation demanding a go-around has been resolved and you have thousands of feet of runway ahead of you, finish what you started.
I'm convinced a lot of go-around accidents result from abrupt configuration changes and the airplane's unexpected reaction so close to the ground.
The NTSB determined the probable cause(s) of this accident to include: "The pilot's failure to follow airplane flight manual procedures for an antiskid failure in flight and his failure to immediately retract the lift dump after he elected to attempt a go-around on the runway.
The go-around was initiated with more than 2400 feet of hard surface remaining (the actual touchdown point was not recorded and could not be determined).
The second thing is once you've made the decision to go around--or it's been made for you--don't reverse it and try to land out of an attempted go-around.
In a go-around, just as with so many things we do in an airplane, there's a sequence we should use.
In fact, according to the AOPA Air Safety Foundation (ASF), go-around accidents accounted for 2.
The National Transportation Safety Board determined the probable cause(s) of this accident to include: "The pilot's misjudged landing flare and improper recovery from a bounced landing, and the pilot's failure to maintain directional control during the go-around after one of the airplane's propellers struck the runway.
Each of these tasks can be accomplished in two seconds or less, which means that in six seconds a fixed-gear airplane can be fully configured for a successful go-around or missed-approach.
The goal of the first 60 seconds of a go-around, of course, is to turn a downward trend toward or onto the runway into an upward climb that clears any obstacles on the far end.
How fast the trim reacts, whether it's electric or manual, and the airplane's loading all figure prominently in how busy things might get during a go-around.
At about 1045 Pacific standard time the airplane collided with the ground following a loss of engine power during a go-around.