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While this adversarial atmosphere spawned numerous highly politicised bands, The Go-Betweens preferred a more personal, poetic voice.
Middle East HR managers must play more than one role in the Middle East : they are housing officers, government go-betweens, financial advisors and, most importantly, mothers and fathers.
Among the perspectives she finds are what humans want, Earth as a sacred site, gurus and go-betweens, sensing the Sacred, engaging the Sacred in the world, and engaging the Sacred together.
Asked about a Gaddafi representative making an offer of talks, former justice minister Mustafa Abdel Jalil and council chairman said Gaddafi had not sent anyone himself, but that activist lawyers from Tripoli had volunteered as go-betweens.
The head of the Japan Sumo Association resigned after the nation's ancient sport was beleaguered by a gambling scandal involving top wrestlers and coaches, with gangsters acting as go-betweens.
Often the Pacific unit staff act as the go-betweens between families and clinical staff.
Mogel admits to having a fondness for "cult" bands, such as Applied Communications, Television Personalities and the Go-Betweens.
Knowledgeably compiled and deftly edited by the team of Simon Schaffer, Lissa Roberts, Kapil Raj, and James Delbourgo, "The Brokered World: Go-Betweens and Global Intelligence, 1770-1820" is an impressively informative anthology of scholarly essays by a diversity of learned authors analyzing forms of knowledge production (from anatomy, chemistry, and natural history to chronology, philology, jurisprudence, astronomy, survey science, and engineering) during the keynote historical period the late 18th and early 19th centuries.
Among the facts detailed in the case against Stanley were "cultural meetings" held by Stanley and co-workers in which they discussed which agents to use as go-betweens for their bribes.
The agents pretended to be non-governmental workers acting as go-betweens for the FARC leadership.
Metcalf surveys and categorizes the go-betweens who mediated between indigenous and European societies in Brazil during the first half of the sixteenth century, arguing that despite several well-known examples of indigenous women as go-betweens, men in fact dominated this role.
Go-Betweens are available in both straight and angled versions for easier maneuvering.