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He goaded you and you responded resulting in quite nasty injuries.
He had only goaded and gesticulated and had not thrown any missiles.
None of this would have happened if he had not then been goaded to come out and fight.
Meanwhile, we confidently assume, Jack goaded the mass media to tell the full story--that is, Ketchum's complex contracts with the U.
People make all sorts of accusations in custody and divorce proceedings--often goaded by Iago-like lawyers who whisper in their ear "you've got to say something"--that they later regret as untrue, exaggerated or not nearly as outrageous as had been presented to the court.
Defensive and prickly, they goaded each other in comic, aerobic sequences.
While she was speaking, LaPierre goaded and taunted her.
A MAN hit his wife in the face three times during a drunken row after she had goaded him about her affair, a court heard.
She described howshe witnessed awoman physically attack aman and awoman and howthiswoman was goaded and egged on to "attack''" the couple by another woman.
Charlie Alexander said Samantha Stobbart had goaded Moat into launching his deadly rampage.
KILLER dogs were goaded by their thug owners into slaughtering a family cat, a mum claimed yesterday.