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But McCracken refused to apologise for his violent reaction to Eastman's goading.
It looks as though the goading by the Tories has had the desired effect (for the Tories
In an open letter printed in the Daily Mirror, he wrote: "This lady has the blood of two deaths and a maimed PC on her hands, all caused by the lies and goading on the mobile prior to the incident.
The devices they depend on--incommensurate accumulation, an out-of-kilter relationship of part to whole, the goading of a single medium into utterly unpredictable effects--are none of them new, but damn, they work.
Now he could be in trouble for a blatant display of goading aimed at the fans behind the Anfield Road goal after he had scored a penalty to wipe out Everton's 41st-second opener from Olivier Dacourt.
LEIGH GRIFFITHS has dismissed claims from Rangers fans they were guilty of goading Ibrox during their recent Old Firm rout.
His wife had been having an affair and was goading him.
Miss Rai said Wolancyzk was involved throughout the hourlong disturbance, and was seen with arms outstretched goading and singing inflammatory songs.