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Consider, for instance, one of his monumental discoveries, made by the light from a tavern window: 'Kepler propped himself against the wall and watched the goatish dancers circling in a puddle of light from the tavern window, and all at once out of nowhere, out of everywhere, out of the fiddle music and the flickering light and the pounding of heels, the circling dance and the Italian's drunken eye, there came to him the ragged fragment of a thought' (p.
At Pola they bought passage on a steamer, aboard which they were both amused and bemused to witness the antics of an elderly, goatish queen (in the homosexual sense of the word) who had contrived to ingratiate himself with a party of boisterous clerks out on an excursion.
As Shlomo tells Sea: "Only at the end of his journey, only when he was inside you, only then did he dare to pierce and to slash and to write within you in an uninhibited goatish dance, his last and lost story, 'The Messiah'" (129-30, 138-9).