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Goats' milk Taste: A slightly sweet and sometimes salty undertone.
In the mid:1990s the couple's grandson was found to be lactose-intolerant, and Wallis decided to apply to sell goats' milk legally as an approved dairy.
Delamere's own brand Channel Island Milk is the company's first departure away from goats' milk based dairy products, which it supplies within the UK and to the export markets of Italy and the Far East.
Still only employing four full-time staff and three part-time drivers, the Wimborne, Dorset-based company takes 3,000 litres of sheep's milk per week and 500-600 litres of goats' milk and turns it into yoghurt--plain and flavoured.
It is sucrose free, with no added glucose, and the high levels of nucleotides in goats' milk provide gastro-intestinal and metabolism benefits.
Hind says purchases of goats' milk leads to people buying into other products and he urges supermarkets to stock the full breadth of lines.
The company's 750ml Tetra Rex-packed cartons of goats' milk are carrying a picture of the TV chef and text inviting shoppers to find out why his family drinks goats' milk.
Sainsbury is a stalwart of the sector and says sheep and goats' milk products have seen double-digit growth year-on-year.
Their business uses only goats' milk sourced from Welfare Assured herds reared in this country.
Goats' milk has ditched its rustic, unsophisticated image of yesteryear, and is fast emerging as a healthy, palatable moneyspinner responding to recent food scares and appealing to consumers with intolerance to cows' milk.
Once an exotic holiday treat, goats' milk and cheese is now increasingly widely available.
Goat dairy specialist Delamere Dairy has extended its market for longlife goats' milk to continental Europe.