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No matter how dark and stormy the night, I've turned up at some god-forsaken polling station and put my cross on the paper.
But Outram grips rhyme tightly and bends it to whatever use he desires, as in "Remark of a Childless Man": "or ended being slowly crucified / in some relentless God-forsaken way.
Last month Regional Development Minister Rosen Plevneliev, who is the Bulgarian public official with the highest approval rating, announced projects for the repair and rehabilitation of 3 100 km of God-forsaken roads across Bulgaria.
established mission diocese of Thuckalay, a God-forsaken cluster of underdeveloped
By the way, why is it that hotel bathroom phones always look like they were made just a couple of years after WW2 in a factory in some God-forsaken spot in the middle of Siberia?
And how long does it take to say to would-be foreign investors: "come to our place, we'll give you dirt cheap rent on some God-forsaken industrial estate and the natives will work for a virtual pittance".
Mitchell freely talks about his selection of various prized Mausers that he found in the course of searching military warehouses in some God-forsaken out-of-the-way places.
We might be more cautious if we knew that our children could be called by our so-called leaders to fight in these God-forsaken places.
He actually "respected his people" and admired their courage for scratching out a living in such a god-forsaken land, Salman said.
Put it this way: Two God-forsaken weeks of "Let's play twinkle toes up on the hand railing" or "Let's see if we can scratch our boards up on that giant curve.