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I lost in the god-forsaken year a dear and respected guru, CK Arora, my dog Bruno and a friend whom I cannot name but who perhaps has moved on.
No matter how dark and stormy the night, I've turned up at some god-forsaken polling station and put my cross on the paper.
But Outram grips rhyme tightly and bends it to whatever use he desires, as in "Remark of a Childless Man": "or ended being slowly crucified / in some relentless God-forsaken way.
The familiar complaint of the touring player, derogatory comments about places spill out uncensored: Manchester is a 'God-forsaken hole!' p 29 whereas Margate is 'horrid' p 46.
Last month Regional Development Minister Rosen Plevneliev, who is the Bulgarian public official with the highest approval rating, announced projects for the repair and rehabilitation of 3 100 km of God-forsaken roads across Bulgaria.
established mission diocese of Thuckalay, a God-forsaken cluster of underdeveloped
And how long does it take to say to would-be foreign investors: "come to our place, we'll give you dirt cheap rent on some God-forsaken industrial estate and the natives will work for a virtual pittance".
Mitchell freely talks about his selection of various prized Mausers that he found in the course of searching military warehouses in some God-forsaken out-of-the-way places.
We might be more cautious if we knew that our children could be called by our so-called leaders to fight in these God-forsaken places.
He actually "respected his people" and admired their courage for scratching out a living in such a god-forsaken land, Salman said.
Put it this way: Two God-forsaken weeks of "Let's play twinkle toes up on the hand railing" or "Let's see if we can scratch our boards up on that giant curve." Oh, and something is going on, for sure: kids lined up by the dozens to watch these skaters play jump and spin on a perfectly good bench made for sitting.