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GOD. From the Saxon god, good. The source of all good; the supreme being. 1. Every man is presumed to believe in God, and he who opposes a witness on the ground of his unbelief is bound to prove it. 3 Bouv. Inst. u. 3180.
     2. Blasphemy against the Almighty, by denying his being or providence, was an offence punishable at common law by fine and imprisonment, or other infamous corporal punishment. 4 Bl. Corn. 60; 1 East, P. C. 3; 1 Russ. on Crimes, 217. This offence his been enlarged in Pennsylvania, and perhaps most of the states, by statutory provision. Vide Christianity; Blasphemy; 11 Serg. & Rawle, 394.
     3. By article 1, of amendments to the Constitution of the United States, it is provided that "Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." In the United States, therefore, every one is allowed to worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience.

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I'm cool if my goddaughters are doing that, too, because I know now that Catholicism withstands critical questioning really well.
I want to make it up to her and my goddaughter - any suggestions would be much appreciated.
WARM WELCOME: Craig Larkey, 26, from Birkenhead, was met by his goddaughter Marie, aged seven months, and his nephew Harri, aged seven, after returning from Afghanistan
00pm) Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly present as Amy Winehouse sings with her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield, and the 13 remaining couples take to the floor with a salsa or foxtrot, before one of them is eliminated.
When Alex agrees to help Helen look after her goddaughter, their pretence is interrupted by Stephen when he summons them to an emergency board meeting.
On Christmas Eve they buried tiny Isabelle, James' niece and goddaughter, who was just 16 months old.
WELSH GREAT: Steve Jones pictured at Cardiff Bay yesterday, and inset, last year at the Bupa Great Wales Run, which he ran with his goddaughter Shelley Brace, the daughter of Steve Brace, pictured left.
Topics explored include quotations and misquotations of Elizabeth's own words; the Phoenix Queen and her successor, James I; the rebirth of Elizabeth in her goddaughter, Elizabeth of Bohemia; forgetting Elizabeth in Henry VIII; the "heroic Elizabeth" vision of Dutch scholar Anna Maria van Schurman and the Puritan poet Anne Bradstreet; John Banks' revision of Shakespeare's Elizabeth; an account of Elizabeth's last two years; a psychoanalytical reading of Jonson's early masques; rewriting Elizabeth's execution of Mary Stuart; and 17th-century musical images of the Queen.
Our friends Katherine and Chuck, the parents of my godson Michael and goddaughter Kate, were our witnesses as we became the first gay couple in history to marry in a United Church of Canada.
He promptly quotes his goddaughter Grace, who summed up the problem with the dot-coin boom thus: "You have lots of cool ideas; making them work is the problem.
As my goddaughter, who is not a nurse, said to me recently, "Palliative care is so important for people with cancer as well as many other serious illnesses.
Attallah Shabazz, Malcolm X's eldest daughter and also Alex's goddaughter, recognized the extent of Alex's faith in her writing when she received a letter after Alex's death requesting that she contribute the new foreword to a Ballantine/One World edition of The Autobiography of Malcolm X.