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Some people believe that being a Godless country will mean we are no country at all - that social bonds will dissolve if we don't all believe in a religion.
Britain has been on a moral slippery slope for years, and since successive governments introduced godless laws this decline has accelerated.
Two scholars fight this prejudice with Godless Grace, placing the right to not believe as the next great civil-rights movement.
In his book "Thriving in Babylon," bestselling author, Larry Osborne introduces a new perspective on the character, writing, and the incredible spiritual influence of the prophet Daniel in the midst of the godless culture and society of ancient Babylon, known for its wickedness, evil, and debauchery.
And a big part of what first drew me to the godless community was how queer-friendly it generally is.
The "Go Godless Instead" campaign, which was launched this week in Austin and Dallas, Texas, comprises four different billboard designs, each featuring the photo of a different GOP mouthpiece.
brilliant man, who knew he had no more to "Sadly, especially in the West," he said, "one encounters ambiguities about the meaning of human rights and their corresponding "A offer a godless and greedy world.
Tickets are pounds 4 in advance (if you come in costume you get pounds 1 back) or pounds 5 door (8pm, 16+, 11pm curfew) It will feature some of Coventry's up and coming metal and hardcore acts including Under Godless Skies, Finish Him, Feral Eve and Outdone.
After reading the tragic incident, I agree it is a Godless society.
In motorcycle and sidecar, rattling like a blown flag, he lugged my cousins and aunt to the shores of the Baltic, returned with a tan of satisfaction and preached that we had it wrong, life was good there, the West was dead: The Wall down and the rest with it, he aged like doctrinaire thought in a house no bigger than a cell, read the Bible and took the Good News to anyone who'd listen, wrote me anxious letters in Wesleyan syntax, lived without newspapers: The Lord, he said, would provide--when he smacked his lips you could hear, if you listened with an open mind, waves lapping the red sands of the Baltic beach, impish children, now grown and godless, flattening sandcastles out of spite.
If so, no wonder our country is in its present godless state.
YOUR correspondent Tom Wareing need not flourish his religion in our Godless faces.