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Or, having jettisoned traditional moral teachings that in earlier eras might have protected them, and naively believing themselves immune to the consequences of the same godlessness that produced all the genocide of the 20th century, are they still mistaking barbarism for kindness and cruelty for compassion?
Meanwhile, the Salafi preacher Sheikh Fawzi Al-Saeed accused liberal and leftwing journalists of blasphemy during a conference to support Mohamed Morsi, describing the media as immoral, sinful and wicked, and said that "God's verdict on liberal and leftwing journalists is that they are leaders of godlessness because they have challenged your religion and you shall have to fight such godless people".
Freud's godlessness, not his Judaism, troubled O'Connor, as she saw godlessness as the spirit, if you will, of her age.
As he awaited his approaching execution by the Nazis, Bonhoeffer wrote that, in prison, "the godlessness of the world is not.
The situation has become unbearable and this godlessness of the population will continue," the social scientist said.
But the military-cultural complex of that series has given way to an organic architecture of the vernacular that searches for the spiritual in the midst of godlessness.
They say I know no God, my godlessness knows no end/That I rebel against the system, under no shackles will I bend," reads one of his verses.
But the news followed an interview the Cardinal gave to German magazine Focus in which he commented on the Godlessness of a section of English society claiming Britain was facing an "aggressive new atheism" and that "Christians were at a disadvantage".
Her explanation - which this video joins already in progress - on why she believes such services weaken the state veered unexpectedly into a discussion of the overlap between liberalism and godlessness.
I suggest, therefore, that probation in the US began with a more pronounced neo-classical criminological focus, described by Garland as the ability to make 'choices within social constraints' (1985b: 113), whereas the missionaries in the UK saw their clients as able to be saved with their behaviour stemming more from godlessness than poor decision-making.
28) The "professionals" of Christian mission propagated a discourse on spiritual disease, mortality, and health--that is, immorality, Godlessness, and salvation.
May God not allow us to drift any further into this desert of godlessness.