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The aim of Godly Play, Sheldon says, is to provide them with the vocabulary they need.
However, I must admit that I enjoyed and exploited the godly, or say kingly, status that was forced upon me, fully.
In the book, Cooke uses three stories told by Jesus to explain that a person fulfills his or her godly purpose in life by showing love to others through some kind or generous act or deed.
Zionism is the abuse of what is legitimate and godly such as Judaism to oppress people, and it is the root cause of the endless river of bloodshed," he added.
With Godly Reading: Print, Manuscript and Puritanism in England, 1580-1720, Andrew Cambers aims to examine 'the intersection of the culture of puritanism and the history of reading in the long seventeenth century' (p.
GODLY GROUP: VIP guests greet the youngsters at the opening * ALL EYES: Fascinated youngsters at the play classroom
The history of reading and the history of Puritanism have generally been studied in semi-separate compartments or, if an overlap has been recognised, it has tended only to be seen in terms of godly reading matter itself.
Godly Seed: American Evangelicals Confront Birth Control, 1873-1973 examines the history and process by which evangelical leaders eventually moved from being against contraception to accepting birth control and even briefly abortion.
The tracts also noted opposition to reform: godly ministers--notorious as "busy controllers"--were accused of publicly pondering matters that were suitable only for the learned; disrupting the community by distinguishing elect from reprobate; not being respectful of either local hierarchy or prince; denouncing older forms of "neighbourhood"; and, perhaps especially, being hypocrites, since they exhibited, but did not admit, the same failings they identified in others.
These presbyterians thought that only spiritual censures were appropriate to the church itself, although they envisioned a system in which the civil and ecclesiastical realms would work together to shape a godly society, godly clergy advising pliable magistrates.
While Morison and Miller were vague or elusive in defining the Puritans' specific guiding principle, this article will hypothesize that the erection of a truly godly community by a participant religious--that is, a congregational-sect was the Puritans' primary guiding ethic, and it unintentionally facilitated the development of a participant or democratic political culture, and reinforced republican ideals.
Kris Humphries can't stop gushing about his wife-to-be Kim Kardashian, who he says is his "perfect godly woman," and is excited that she will be taking on his last name after marriage.