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He believed that there was a Godly reason for everything - including a painful, rib-bruising fall he had suffered in the shower.
The best definition of Godly love is found in 1 Corinthians 13:6-8.
Sermons by the local Calvinist militants Robert Bolton and Joseph Bentham, the moderate Puritan Edward Reynolds, and the Arminian conformist Peter Hausted are read alongside the spiritual diary of the Northampton steward Robert Woodford, the devotional confessions of the godly Elizabeth Isham, and the unpublished letters of the Laudian controversialist Robert Sibthorpe.
At the heart of Godly Play, Sheldon says, is the idea that children have an innate sense of God.
Leave aside prime ministers and chief ministers, most of whom are elevated to Godly heights through mass hysteria.
Why You Were Made' is a book that uses the words of Jesus as recorded in the Bible, to help an individual know and understand his or her godly purpose in life," said author, Reginald A.
No moment of Jodorowsky's book is at all predictable or familiar, and those who have a taste for the uncanny will be in awe over its undulations into strange, even godly, territory.
Throughout the year, children will learn about the Catholic Seasons and will be able to use the area for Godly Play.
Zionists have totally twisted C* Judaism and what is humane, and godly," Rabbi Weiss said on the sidelines of the International Conference on the Global Fight against Terrorism in the Iranian capital of Tehran in June 2011.
Cambers, Andrew, Godly Reading: Print, Manuscript and Puritanism in England, 1580-1720 (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern British History), Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2011; cloth; pp.
Rodman Williams Professor of Theology, Regent University School of Divinity, Virginia Beach, Virginia), "The Science and Theology of Godly Love" is a 237-page compendium comprised of ten erudite, insightful, informed and informative essays deftly exploring the interdisciplinary study of 'Godly Love'.
THE Godly Play Classroom was launched on Saturday last week at Slaithwaite Methodist Church.