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WITNESS, GOING. A going witness is one who is about to leave the jurisdiction of the court in which a cause is depending. See Going Witness.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Your organization goes in and answers the same questions, and they tell you where you rate among everyone else.
Stephen Cohen, a government employee in his mid 30s from Clifton, N.J., is a heavy-duty Yankees fan--who even frequents gay sports Web sites to talk about his passion--and also goes to games in hockey, soccer, and other professional sports with his partner of two years.
We got the Rivet Joint which is our signals intelligence, our Joint Stars which sees the moving vehicle on the ground with the Global Hawk UAV that goes to 65,000 feet and looks down sort of like a U-2 spy plane does, the Predator UAV.
There's some real thought that goes into the design of a particular concept.
So the creativity within the organisation goes up if you are successful.
The ending .org represents a nonprofit group, .edu goes to educational institutions such as universities, and .gov indicates a site put up by a government agency.
Field service advice does not go through the same sort of intense reviews that technical advice goes through.
If Dad goes to work and opens and closes a machine gate and comes home, his kid is going to get the idea that there isn't going to be a chance to use anything he learns.
He simply makes up the rules as he goes along, never slowing down for anyone or anything.
You wake up and go, "OK--what is it?" [This cancer] was four centimeters, and the sentinel lymph node, where the cancer goes first, was positive.
It goes back to the original strategy: if you can build many of these same kinds of satellites, they're going to last you a long time.
Certainly there's always the healthy camaraderie that goes along with a little bit of competition, but in fact when the chips are down, I would argue that the services come together extremely well.