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I just hope that the marvellous staging of the London Paralympics goes to show that the disabled - sorry, the less abled-bodied - are more than accomplished to show how magnificent those people who are less than able-bodied can be.
Oh, and it also goes to show, looking at some of the dreadful outfits on the women, that money cannot buy you style and it definitely does not buy you class.
It just goes to show how negative Bruce is - with a bit more ambition they might be running away with this league.
Heralded by Publisher's Weekly as "Dickinson's postmodern heir," Fulton is a poet of depth and great intellectual resources-skills that, as Cascade Experiment goes to show, have only been strengthened and refined over the course of time.
Just goes to show you the way they construct vehicles today, and what can happen when people wear the proper restraints.
It only goes to show that if you repeat false statements often enough, the public will begin to believe them.
I'm not saying that Kerry was so great, but Bush is a fucking war-mongering idiot cowboy, and it just goes to show that a lot of the country likes that in a president.
But for the book's gay readers, the passage quoted above goes to show that Parker, the out biographer of J.
Just goes to show, superheroes come in all shapes and sizes
It all goes to show that, as Shiekhattar puts it, gene regulation is "like driving a car"--safe driving relies as much on braking as on accelerating.