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Executive chairman Peter Trembling said: "He's under pressure, we spent a lot of money so it goes with the territory.
It goes with the territory in this job, no matter what sport it is.
Anyone who has dated or married a footballer will tell you that it goes with the territory - you're always ready for the next step.
It goes with the territory for a football coach in Columbus.
I was speaking with Steve Backley and we're sportsmen so it just goes with the territory.
I'm fully cognizant that when one is a public figure, having one's picture taken goes with the territory of fame,'' Madonna wrote.
SAM ALLARDYCE has been warned by Blackburn's David Dunn that pressure goes with the territory at Newcastle.
I'm the latest in a long list of managers at the City Ground that have been criticised and it goes with the territory.
Now, along the way, she had more than her share of critics, and I think that goes with the territory,'' Clinton told a women's caucus Monday morning.
Pressure goes with the territory and we are being attacked from all sides at the moment.
It's something that goes with the territory and I'd imagine most chairmen would be booed if they went onto the park in front of their own fans.