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12 ( ANI ): Suspended Janata Dal (United) (JD(U)) leader Ali Anwar on Saturday said that history will not forgive Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for going against the mandate of the people of Bihar, which was given in favour of the grand alliance.
When that happens, and you are going against guys of your equal or guys that are very good players, you can't help but get better.
2% of his votes going against the prevailing view of the Labour party while David Nuttall, MP for Bury North, is the most rebellious with 16.
It may involve going against the group majority, feeling isolated, compromising one's own position or status, postponing or frustrating one's own desires or making an effort one is not, in principle, prepared to make.
I can't fault the effort of the players at all, it's just things keep going against us which are out of our control.
It follows that for any team there is a one in two chance of a specific contentious decision going against them.
A WEST Midlands renewable energy company has called upon the Government to stop councils going against laws intended to encourage solar power schemes.
Going against GLF in Sri Lanka directly and indirectly making Sri Lankans who love literature suffers.
However, at the end he will get left empty-handed because his policy is not just going against the democratic concept but it is going against his people too," says Dikena.
In terms of the decisions going against us, this is the worst I've seen in my 11 years at Arsenal.
As for KMBC going against residents wishes they certainly don't go against mine.
When you go in from the side, you are not going against the player, you're going against the ball.