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One thing, while Neil Heddings and Pinky sit there in jail and need minimal finds to help their case, some guys are going around the world on Nike really fucked.
Galileo supported the Copernican Theory that, rather than the sun going around the Earth, the appearance of solar movement was caused by the rotation of the Earth.
The hospital is beyond busy, and now somebody is going around killing patients
Speaking of the Bird, reports of a giant vertical structure sprouting up in Chris Borst's Oceanside, California backyard are going around with area vert dogs grabbing their PD's and runnin' in anticipation.
Simultaneous measurement by the two telescopes would determine the parallax without waiting for the earth to go around in its orbit, and without having to subtract the amount of the star's proper motion that occurs while the earth is going around between the measurements.
Is your wrestling team going anywhere this season or is it just going around in circles?
Jesus wasn't a dreamer floating above it all or going around in his `Jesusmobile' saying, `God loves you.