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The death rumour of the musician's mother was among the news of deaths personalities and their relatives going around after the Saturday election in Ibadan.
Through the Philippine Council for Industry, Engineering and Emerging Technology Researchand Development (PCIEERD), the council is helping the DOST in going around the uuniversities and colleges in the province in the promotion of the Young Inventors and balik Scientists Programs.
Until now, we're still receiving requests because he's been going around very often," said Andaya.
I had a personal experience with that Christmas time, of course, you were not able to cover to him when he was going around different hospitals giving financial assistance," he added.
I've got one airliner full of 150+ people on short final going around, accelerating, reaching for the sky, and another one directly beneath it on takeoff roll.
A STOCKTON pub has defended itself after "rumours" were going around that it waters down its beer.
"We went around the community and asked people questions and it was an adventure going around Butetown" said pupil Abdul Rahim.
"We have got Robbo [Kevin Roberts] and Jenno [James Jennings] suffering with a bit of illness that is going around. We lost Bodes [Scott Boden] for the Boxing Day game, but Robbo and Jenno are struggling.
"There's the world of nonsense going around but I presume it goes around a lot of other panels too.
While children were seen going around different neighbourhoods of Doha collecting candies and other Garangao
And if what's going around your home and bathroom is Rituals' new Ritual Of Karma collection (from PS8.50) you can only be sharing lovely, joyous things with others.
The Balkan gas hub project put forward by Bulgaria is not aimed at going around Ukraine's gas transportation network, Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova said on Saturday.