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Everyone knows there is something going around, I suffered myself over the Christmas period, so all being well we have got these two weeks that whoever contracts it, it can pass us by.
Going around can be a busy time, and scrounging around for the balked-landing checklist is a no-no.
It's the hardest part of the game, going around people, and that explosive one-two where you can go around people wasn't quite there today.
Washington, Sept 2 (ANI): American heiress Paris Hilton rubbished the cocaine rumours going around by calling them ridiculous, untrue and cruel.
Word History: Like the candidates of today, some men ran for public office in ancient Rome by going around and asking people to vote for them.
The hospital is beyond busy, and now somebody is going around killing patients
One thing, while Neil Heddings and Pinky sit there in jail and need minimal finds to help their case, some guys are going around the world on Nike really fucked.
And it's not because they like watching cars going around in circles.
Galileo supported the Copernican Theory that, rather than the sun going around the Earth, the appearance of solar movement was caused by the rotation of the Earth.
Is your wrestling team going anywhere this season or is it just going around in circles?
Scots adventurer Jock Wishart sped into the record books yesterday after going around the world in 74 days.