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Of course me going to my best friends going away dinner is a headline - especially on my first day out of my house in 35 days," Contactmusic quoted her as tweeting.
Hmmm, I would have avoided going away with them but I understand it's about family and you want to keep your mum happy.
I can see her now My Mary, my love With a halo of flowers And holding a dove My fingers and toes are cold now you see For I'm going away On my holiday.
Whatever we think about whether it is because of better recording or more crime, what is definite is that it is not going away.
Ken Bates reaffirmed his intentions to invest in Sheffield Wednesday, insisting: "I'm not going away.
Wientzen "told the packed ballroom of the problems that aren't going away.
More than thirty years ago, Karl Rahner wrote that all the normal supports of Christian faith are fast going away and unless Christians based their faith on personal experience, on a "mystical" experience of the presence of God, there would be no Christians at all.
When he says why do you need so much notice, say it's because you might be going away.
But mum Jo-Anne Young, 44, said the savings "weren't enough" to stop her going away in term.