going contrary to

See: dissenting
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The Govt of India now usurps a huge windfall from the RBI going contrary to what the central bank's own think tank CAFRAL had said.
Commenting over fundings to provinces, he claimed, 'Punjab had also received lesser share but they were not shouting [against the federal government] due to fear.' Shah warned the federal government to review its policies going contrary to the interest of nationals, otherwise it will face severe consequences.
Atiku's present stand and refusal to congratulate Buhari had been seen as going contrary to the peace accord he signed with President Buhari and other presidential candidates before the election, in which they all agreed to support and congratulate whoever wins.
Going contrary to received wisdom, which is either you are doing counter-cyclical or pro-cyclical policy, we are trying to see whether Africa can do both, which is basically saying we are going to continue to grow but we going to be very fiscally disciplined.
Going contrary to the usual official claims, Rabii said unemployment would surge in the next seven years as far more school-leavers join the workforce than jobs can be created for them.
On Syrian crisis, let me, first, congratulate the Syrian National Coalition on the re-election of Ahmed Al-Jarba as President of the group and point to the inconvenient statements recently issued by some international parties that are classified as going contrary to the efforts aiming at making Geneva 2 a success.
One respondent not entering the scheme stated, "I already have many wildlife-friendly areas on my farm and it seems I get nothing to maintain them." Another believed it will destroy good farming practices, going contrary to all he has tried to do for the past 35 years.
For as soon as he consolidated himself in power, Guei, going contrary to declarations he had made on his assumption of power, that he would hand over to civilians, now began to find ways of standing for president himself.
But aside from going contrary to the wishes of the Pope, the Vatican, and Canon Law, General Absolution undermines the relationship between the parish priest and the faithful, both moving towards increased indifference towards the sacrament, the Church and Christ.
'I also want to appeal to the INEC to ensure that the vote of the people count and punish anyone who is found going contrary to the rules of law during the election.'
According to him, the three-day sensitisation will educate the youths and also inform them that anyone found going contrary to the rules and regulation of the state will be punished according to law.