going down

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Storey was tugged back by Mikael Lustig but did his best to avoid going down.
BEIRUT: The head of the Syndicate of Taxi Drivers, Abdel Amir Najdi voiced his concerns about the weekly rise of gasoline prices while the international oil price is going down.
A type of punishment has to come into place which discourages players going down too easily.
He said: "We now have about 40-odd pupils going down to the match aged between 11 and 18 "I was going to go down with friends, but then I started getting knocks on the door from pupils who were wondering if they could go down to the final.
Captain Brian Halsey came up against the Derbyshire men's triples champions and the hosts' ladies champion on Rink 4 and was not disgraced by going down 13-17, with Mo Tuckett and Kath Coutanche bowling very well.
MICHAEL Owen has admitted he was "guilty" of going down for both his World Cup penalties against Argentina when he could have stayed on his feet.
WHETHER we like it or not, players going down easily these days to make sure they get a justified decision is part of the game.
And with fellow strugglers Hereford up next at Victoria Park tomorrow, the central defender says Pools have to get points on the board soon to prevent their escape bid from going down to the wire again.
There is already some evidence that audit fees are going down.
When you say the prices are going down $30 per ton, it sounds like a lot, but that is what they went up in February," Davis notes.
I saw the South American championships last year and players were unbelievable in the way they were going down - but they were still being fouled.