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MILE, measure. A length of a thousand paces, or seventeen hundred and sixty yards, or five thousand two hundred and eighty feet. It contains eight furlongs, every furlong being forty poles, and each pole sixteen feet six inches. 2 Stark. R. 89.

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Here are some suggestions to help you get started going the extra mile.
8220;There is something central to our community and that is our gift of going the extra mile.
This year as part of going the extra mile, Tuman has decided to make kids feel safe, valued and loved at Christmas through his Jimmy's Kids program.
We spent a lot of time hiring customer-oriented and friendly staff who like people, and enjoy going the extra mile," Kalyta says.
We're going the extra mile - and in this case, the extra day, at our Texas branches - to make Capital One the most convenient bank in the community.
Along the ride, Anderson, a non-bicyclist, held motivational events from San Francisco to Boston where he interviewed 200 people who had been recognized as going the extra mile in overcoming setback or who had risked everything in order to accomplish something extraordinary.
Ask Ron Miller the secret of his staying power in the highly competitive mine equipment market and he sums it up as being innovative and flexible to customer needs, taking a few calculated risks here and there and literally going the extra mile for clients.