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The QMD has urged the public to take extra care, especially during thunderstorms, and avoid going to sea. (TNN)
People should avoid going to sea during the warning period, the advisory said.
Meawhile, in era when many young lads in the North East dreamed of 'going to sea', this chap was looking on as the cargo vessel, Celia, gracefully made its way down the River Tyne.
Not only creatures' habitat and homes, but also carbon footprint has always been an issue with Smith; since going to sea in diesel boats and recovering the wine from the sea bed would have had a massive carbon footprint.
Ford (CVN 78) -- the first in the new Ford class of nuclear-powered supercarriers commissioned July 22 -- is going to sea with a Globecomm-designed, multi-functional communications and entertainment system along with the first IP video system in the US Navy fleet, the company said.
Thank you for working with us on it!" The show is based on the journalist and comedy writer's memoir Going To Sea In A Sieve.
Mr Cocks said: "'This is yet another example of people going to sea in toy inflatables which are totally unsuitable for the North Sea.