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Baby boomers, or people aged 46-64 years old, were the biggest offenders of watching television every night before going to sleep, while more than a third of 13-18 year-olds and 28 per cent of young adults 19-29-year-olds played video games before going to sleep.
The situation then calmed down until the man, who cannot be named because of reporting restrictions, went back to his nine-year-old stepson's room and said: "Don't go to sleep - you're going to sleep with the fishes.
On particularly bad nights (most weekdays), the brain, which doesn't seem to enjoy going to sleep until it has something useful to do during the day, will go even further - and ensure I am awake at regular intervals .
Thomas Edison] solved many problems by going to sleep and letting an otherwise inaccessible part of his mind work on the challenge.