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A YOUNG mum told yesterday of her horror as she realised a motorcyclist was going to smash into the front of her pick-up truck.
You think you are going to smash us, but we are ready.
Two illustrated catalogues are available: Joan Miro 1971-1934: I Am Going To Smash Their Guitar, edited by Agnes de la Baumelle, published by Paul Holberton Publishing, and Giuseppe Penone, with essay by curator Catherine Grenier, published by Editions du Centre Pompidon.
The tendency in the '90s to think "revolutionary-type" thinking, he explains, is the same process that brought Communism--that we are going to smash the old and come out with all-together new things.
He bragged about the new contacts he made in prison for the supply of controlled drugs, saying things like 'We are W going to smash it when I get out'.
He swung it as if he was going to smash a window at the property where his partner and the dogs were inside.
She then hit the wing mirror and removed her shoe and struck the windscreen, shouting, 'I'm going to smash your window'.
A MAN who punched and headbutted his partner in a brutal street attack after telling her "I'm going to smash your face in" has been jailed for ten months.
At the beginning I thought maybe I'd lose between three or four stone tops, but I think I'm going to smash that now.
I thought, if I'm going to smash this boozer up, I'm going to smash it up.
I just don't think he believes when he comes for crosses he is going to smash anyone out of the way.
I'm in tip-top condition and the best shape I've been in in my entire career, so I'm confident I'm going to smash Mr Vitali Klitschko to bits.