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USA], Sep 26 ( ANI ): Ladies, you may want to rethink going under the knife as according to a recent study, liposuction puts you at the risk of developing a rare genetic condition that can lead to fat globules entering their lungs.
Liza's fourth and most recent husband David Gest, who has had two facelifts, says he regrets going under the knife.
Summary: He may be hot stuff in Hollywood right now, but Ricky Gervais says he would not consider going under the knife.
But the flanker, who will be 33 in September, has been cleared from going under the knife and will be available for both his club and country at the start of the new campaign.
The Slovakian has opted to rest until January's Australian Open instead of going under the knife but said: "I am happy I do not need to have an operation.
This keeps the story interesting and forces a deeper look at the reasons anyone would consider going under the knife.
IT LOOKS like husband David Arquette is the only thing stopping actress Courteney Cox from going under the knife to halt the ageing process.
More people in Wales than ever before are opting for cosmetic surgery - with the number of men going under the knife almost doubling last year.
To avoid going under the knife, they have to make major, rapid changes.