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Liza's fourth and most recent husband David Gest, who has had two facelifts, says he regrets going under the knife.
Summary: He may be hot stuff in Hollywood right now, but Ricky Gervais says he would not consider going under the knife.
More people in Wales than ever before are opting for cosmetic surgery - with the number of men going under the knife almost doubling last year.
To avoid going under the knife, they have to make major, rapid changes.
NATHAN BROUGH is facing a race against time to be fit for the ABA Championships in November after going under the knife on Thursday.
Men planning to have a sex-change operation in Scotland are being urged to freeze their sperm before going under the knife, in case they decide to become "fathers" later on.
Margarita - who was looking to celebrate Marilyn more than to enhance her own job prospects - said she spoke to a psychologist before going under the knife.
Forget going under the knife, lasers are now used to quickly and painlessly prep teeth, alter gums and take an impression, all in the same day.
Cosmetic surgery is no secret among the rich and famous, but socialite Tamara Beckwith admits that some of her mates go too far when it comes to going under the knife to look younger.
After news of Korean women going under the knife to get puffy eyes emerged last month, new reports suggest that the latest craze to hit the country is the acquisition of a permanent smile.