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"That is kind of a right of passage as you transition from being a (junior) enlisted Soldier to a noncommissioned officer," Preston said of the gold braid.
Addington, of Toronto, urges Queen Elizabeth II to appoint the publisher governor of the Cayman Islands "where His Lordship manque could strut about in a splendid tropical white uniform festooned with gold braid and ostrich feathers."
Visually, the design alludes to his name and titles: gold braid outlines an interlaced cross and a shield, perhaps signifying Henry's self-assumed role as defensor fidei.(77) The six continuous knots that link the cross and shield, moreover, resemble the letter "H" and emulate the final flourish accompanying Henry's signature [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 5 OMITTED].
The girl, dressed in a red costume trimmed in gold braid, was marching down the street.
I remember the smell of it, the musty dusty racks of costumes, the thick woollen uniforms stiff with gold braid, the tulle fairy dresses, the lavish satin of court gowns and the one I set my heart on one day wearing - Mary Queen of Scots in black velvet and white silk.
into a neon noon: I laugh at his blue suit, gold braid and trombone tie which is really two snake balloons unknotted and expiring rogue notes on a river- boat.
As they stepped onto the deck, they were greeted by a smiling officer in gold braid. Lizbet couldn't understand the words he spoke, but they sounded good all the same.
He dressed in a cone-shaped black leather hat, a magnificent green military frock coat lined with pink silk and embellished with gold braid and frogs, a silk vest, crimson sash, ruffled shirt, green pantaloons and glistening Wellington boots.
The author of several books, including Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Gold Braid, for which he won a Pultizer Prize, Hofstadter recently joined Indiana University, where he organized the Center for Research on Concepts and Cognition.
Takeo Kurita during the battle of Leyte Gulf (October 24-25, 1944); played a major role in the actions in the Sibuyan Sea (October 24) and off Samar (October 25); appointed commander of Fifth Air Fleet on Kyushu, he commanded all naval aircraft on Kyushu (June 1945); when he received word of the Emperor's surrender, he stripped his uniform of its gold braid and took off from Oita airbase to lead a final kamikaze sortie against the American fleet; the planes disappeared, neither reaching a target nor being otherwise accounted for (August 14, 1945).
We're talking here of bolts of bright red yard goods, yards of silk tulle, and gold braid enough to decorate a circus wagon.
1916: The Government announced that all wounded officers and men would in the future wear gold braid on the sleeves of their dress jackets.