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That is kind of a right of passage as you transition from being a (junior) enlisted Soldier to a noncommissioned officer," Preston said of the gold braid.
She holds up a lustrous black robe, heavy with gold braid, frogging and pendant pearls, and lined in red, shot with gold.
MOORPARK - With his convincingly dirty uniform decorated with shiny brass buttons and gold braid, Roger M.
He put on his dress blues uniform of the Royal Canadian Engineers, donned the bandmaster's gold braid on his arm and polished his dress boots to a black lustre I have never been able to duplicate.
A rail is full of the singer's costumes, including the military-style uniforms with gold braid he sported during his Bad world tour.
The curtain call echoed the glamour of the original company, as guest artists from the San Francisco Ballet, the Paris Opera Ballet and beyond fanned out across the stage, gold braid gleaming and tiaras winking in the floodlights.
Visually, the design alludes to his name and titles: gold braid outlines an interlaced cross and a shield, perhaps signifying Henry's self-assumed role as defensor fidei.
The girl, dressed in a red costume trimmed in gold braid, was marching down the street.
into a neon noon: I laugh at his blue suit, gold braid and trombone tie which is really two snake balloons unknotted and expiring rogue notes on a river- boat.
As they stepped onto the deck, they were greeted by a smiling officer in gold braid.
We're talking here of bolts of bright red yard goods, yards of silk tulle, and gold braid enough to decorate a circus wagon.
Despite my mother's best efforts in stitching gold braid to a blazer and converting a family friend's bus conductor's cap to a passable Royal Navy issue one.