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GOLD. A metal used in making money, or coin. It is pure when the metal is unmixed with any other. Standard gold, is gold mixed with some other metal, called alloy. Vide Money.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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After she died, Presley's wife Priscilla decided to adorn its original walnut finish with 24 karat gold-leaf as a gift for the couple's first wedding anniversary in 1968.
The strips of gold-leaf paper between the rows represent a stylized trailing mist over the water called kasumi.
Fingerprints have been taken from the scene and police are studying CCTV footage believed to have caught the thieves making off with the two copper gold-leaf painted hands worth around pounds 500.
Done mostly in a metallic paint reminiscent of Robert Rauschenberg's gold-leaf paintings, with patches of blues or reds occasionally visible, these reflective surfaces provide a backdrop for video footage shot in the Ramble of New York's Central Park, where meandering walkways and dense shrubbery have long encouraged both bird-watching and gay cruising.
Each profile is available in two finishes: Mahogany with gold-leaf trim and Ivory with sterling-silver trim.
Originally shot on super 8mm, cupid features all of Mead's favourite techniques: pixilation, animation and a grainy image shot through dirty, paint-smeared glass with a gold-leaf border.