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During some radiologic procedures, the gonadal dose received by female patients is greater because the ovaries are located within the pelvic cavity, unlike the testes, which are located outside and below the pelvic cavity.
The gonadal dose (G) and E attributed to each exposure were then calculated according to the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) recommendations, (1) using the NRPB-SR262 (National Radiological Protection Board) data set (16) and the XDOSE computer program (National Radiation Laboratory, Christchurch, New Zealand).
Examination Entrance Dose Gonadal Dose (mrad) (mrad) Skull 200 <1 Chest 10 <1 Lumbar spine 300 225 Abdomen 400 125 Pelvis 150 150 CT head 3000 50 CT pelvis 4000 3000 Table 2 Effective Doses From Various Examinations(8)