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They must ha' thought better on't for some reason or another," said the Jack, "and gone down.
He told me in a whisper that they had gone down, fiercely locked in each other's arms, and that there had been a struggle under water, and that he had disengaged himself, struck out, and swum away.
The Jack at the Ship was instructed where the drowned man had gone down, and undertook to search for the body in the places where it was likeliest to come ashore.
Many had gone down on both sides, but by far the greater havoc had been wrought in the ranks of the guards of Issus.
The others all had fallen, and I was like to have gone down too from a nasty long-sword cut had not a hand reached out from behind my adversary and clutched his elbow as the blade was falling upon me.
A nigger had come out of the cabin companion on the run for the rail and gone down in the middle of it.