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The barrister added that he 'must have' gone overboard as a 'result of a deliberate or reckless act rather than accidentally'.
Simon Kverndal QC, for Mrs Davis, told Mr Justice Forbes that Mr Davis had gone overboard on October 29 2000.
Budget shortfall predictions of $300 million next year have the City Council realizing it may have gone overboard with its generous pay raises to city employee unions.
The 52-year- old man is believed to have gone overboard off the coast of Northern Ireland at around 6 am yesterday Belfast coastguard co- ordinated a massive search operation, which involved an army helicopter.
But there also is an argument that the physical-style game has gone overboard.
Gardai said the body was possibly that of a man who was reported to have gone overboard from the ferry on January 2.
They've gone overboard on the special effects and forgot about plot and characters you can care about,'' Ackerman said.
LEONARDO DiCaprio's stunning new girlfriend yesterday showed why the Titanic star has gone overboard for her.
The fact that public opinion is so divided - drawing comments from many disinterested parties - suggests that the commissioner might have gone overboard.
Divers checked to make sure no-one had gone overboard.