good breeding

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He added: "We must exercise the creeping culture of vulgarity, obscenity, lewd jokes and lack of good breeding, with the humble power of Crucified Lord.
One section of the striking report revealed concerns over standards of cleanliness and the "age and decay of the building and the furniture in it", with a dumped bag of rubbish described as a "good breeding ground for rodents".
Wardens at Roseate Tern colonies on Coquet Island in Northumberland and Rockabill in Dublin Bay report good breeding seasons there too.
"But it will take more than one good breeding season to bring about a thriving population so it's important that there is no let-up in the efforts to conserve this magnificent bird." Gareth Cunningham, head of species policy at the RSPB, said: "Whilst we acknowledge progress, this species' population is still at critically low levels and still vulnerable to illegal killing once birds disperse.
The piles of garbage in my locality are providing a good breeding ground for mosquitoes.
The bucks were large, very healthy and obviously of good breeding material.
"However, unlike the finches and tits, robins and wrens did not have a good breeding season in 2017 and data from other surveys indicate that their numbers may be down overall this year."
He sees that as good breeding, complete education and the 'complete man'.
The task for this year is to repair the herd, create a good breeding core, and by the end of the year the uterine stock will be 350 animals.
The eggs also pass through a stringent selection process to ensure that the eggshells are consistently smooth, clean and blemish-free-signs of good breeding.
Ross County is proving a good breeding ground for players."
Shattuck, whose novel The Hazards of Good Breeding was a finalist for the PEN/Winship Award, sheds new light on World War II's aftermath and the families left behind, and raises poignant questions about blind loyalty: "Could you see a person's soul in their face?