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good cheer Sir Michael leaves after celebration in London
Good cheer and thanks to all who gave their own time and effort for others over the festive season.
For more than a decade, Counter Culture Coffee has released a limited-edition winter blend dedicated to celebration and good cheer.
We may be in the run-up to Christmas, but one person who isn't full of good cheer is Mark, who is suspended from the police force and questioned by his colleagues who suspect he may have killed Hamish.
At a packed rally meeting, the North East Somerset MP told Brexit-backers: "Be of good cheer, we won, it's happening.
I find him to be the Donald Trump of pop music, a maudlin narcissist with good instincts who lures in his audience with false promises of empty nostalgia and good cheer.
Dressed in T-shirts bearing photographs of the President, most of the Filipino residents were in good cheer as they waited patiently in the heat to complete the registration process.
The second exhibition to open its doors this week is the group exhibition Beautiful Art and a Cup of Good Cheer by Katie Sabry, Kelly Norman, Julie Menelaou and Amber Wellard.
After a lot of thought and good cheer, the best place was the pub for a meal and a beer.
On Saturday, June 13, between 1pm and 2pm on Queen Street, near New Look, the group will be spreading their good cheer and encouraging passers-by to Say No To Drugs as part of their nationwide tour.
At one point many believed he was destined to carry on Thatcher's bad work but rather than No 10 he has ended up in our living rooms, bringing us good cheer from across the rail network.
There are only a few days to go until Santa Claus loads up his sleigh and begins making his magical rounds of the Earth, dispensing gifts and good cheer to all the good girls and boys.