good disposition

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It was a sign of his good disposition that he did not slacken at all in his intention of carrying out Dorothea's design of the cottages.
I know there are many people going about who tell such plausible stories that it is very hard to see through them, but there is a style about your language which assures me of your good disposition.
But when he has made the discovery, I should imagine that he would diminish his honour and regard for them, and would become more devoted to the flatterers; their influence over him would greatly increase; he would now live after their ways, and openly associate with them, and, unless he were of an unusually good disposition, he would trouble himself no more about his supposed parents or other relations.
As soon as this was over we married them; and after the marriage was over, he turned to Will Atkins, and in a very affectionate manner exhorted him, not only to persevere in that good disposition he was in, but to support the convictions that were upon him by a resolution to reform his life: told him it was in vain to say he repented if he did not forsake his crimes; represented to him how God had honoured him with being the instrument of bringing his wife to the knowledge of the Christian religion, and that he should be careful he did not dishonour the grace of God; and that if he did, he would see the heathen a better Christian than himself; the savage converted, and the instrument cast away.
We were sorry for the poor dear girl and found so much to admire in the good disposition which had survived under such discouragement that we both at once (I mean Ada and I) proposed a little scheme that made her perfectly joyful.
Good dispositions, no faults, an' true-pullers, automobile broke an' all the rest.
Kylie answered that she has yet to hear Stormi laugh as well, but she's happy to report that Stormi is always in a good disposition.
My youngest niece has a good disposition most times that it's not difficult for people to get along with her.
The dog, Bibi assured his constituents, was "gentle and of a good disposition.
After my husband was no longer able to work, we drastically cut the Angus herd, sold all of the Polled Herefords, and while we kept the Braunvieh cows, we have not used a Braunvieh bull for several years, which may have been a mistake, because the cows are super mothers, and nothing can top the Braunviehs for good disposition.
ISS is always willing to help the client, with good disposition and customer service, focused on solving problems, adding value to their management.
Elaborating about the good disposition of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), Sheikh Ateeg said the Prophet (Peace be upon him), who was a living example of the holy Quran, said people would mostly enter paradise due to good manners.