good enough

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People will say we aren't good enough and I know we haven't been good enough.
I've always had that belief in myself and the confidence that I was good enough, and I had to prove to certain managers who didn't believe that.
So when a client says, "I'll sell the policy if I get a good enough offer," what they really mean is "I don't intend to lapse or surrender the policy.
You go into every game wanting to win, and we just haven't been good enough or won enough games this season," he admitted.
It's been a tough tour in terms of results, we haven't been good enough in a few areas but people have come through personally," he said.
Maybe start a DH Hall of Fame for those not good enough to be with the greatest players.
The sending off was a huge moment, but even before that happened I just don't really think we were good enough," said the 29-year-old midfielder.
I'm gutted to be honest because we had a great chance of going up automatically and now we've hit this slump and we've just drifted away and its not good enough.
He said: "I know I have not got the biggest name in the world, and I do not want this to sound arrogant - I think I am good enough.
There were one or two groans from my lads and I told them if it was good enough for Sir Stan it was good enough for them.
FIRE goalkeeper Lukas Fabianski has vowed to end a troubled season on a high and prove he is good enough to play for Arsenal.