good excuse

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Well, madam," said Allworthy, "I shall be very glad to hear any good excuse for a behaviour which, I must confess, I think wants an excuse.
I thought he was no more than summing up his catastrophes so as to get violent with good excuse, as men will do, and I tried to make him understand such things was trifles.
She may tear it tonight, and that will be a good excuse for offering a decent one.
In the given situation, the least important issue might serve as good excuse to prolong the overall process, concludes Mitevska.
As Great British Bake Off fever hits Birmingham, we thought it was a good excuse to search out the best cake creations in the city.
THE THIRD ANNUAL report ordered by the federal government to reassess the Canadian Forces' options for purchasing new fighter jets has been released, and although there is no jet clearly outlined as the best possible option, it does provide a good excuse for the Canadian government to not follow through on the problematic F-35 procurement.
Judge Paul Glenn said: "I hope you now realise that you had no good excuse for going round to the house.
I had a good excuse for each missed event - travel, important meetings, an urgent phone call, sudden to-dos.
HINGHAM -- A Massachusetts man busted for speeding had a pretty good excuse when he was pulled over: He had just won a big lottery prize and was on his way to collect his cash.
It gave train companies a good excuse to take a day off while they removed a twig from the line and people got to "work from home".
Plus, it's a good excuse to blag a day off work - just remind your boss that we're always being told cycling is good for you.
She was listed to appear for a hearing yesterday, but her solicitor Paul Blanchard said that she had a good excuse for her no-show.