good fortune

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All delicious food is included in this meal, especially items that represent good fortune and abundance.
WThe good fortune at Cato Crane on Wednesday, at our auction, were the high prices we achieved on many of the 515 lots on offer that day.
THIS week I had the good fortune to send my son to school for the first time.
And that is how one man's great good fortune can become a blessing to many.
Married with two children, she says she owes her good fortune to the blessings of her parents, Mohammed Sadique and Jameela.
Ji-su carefully stitches a bojangi full of good luck fabric bats she has made to send her mother a message of good fortune, cheer, safety and happiness.
ARSENE Wenger admits it took two lucky goals to beat Celtic in the first leg of their Champions League play-off at Parkhead - but the Arsenal boss insists they deserved their good fortune.
The Qingshiqiao pet market in Chengdu is selling a variety of fish decorated with flowers, rainbows and characters meant to bring their owners good fortune and happiness.
4 : to give happiness or good fortune to <He is blessed with good health.
I am 90 years of age, so had the good fortune to be brought up on healthy food, as there was no other: also I have had the good fortune to be able to live on home grown vegetable until very recently (I am now in a home where the food is excellent).
The study investigated how often people experience good fortune, such as lottery wins, success with a lucky dip or winning a TV phone-in competition.
It takes a very secure and generous person to be sincerely pleased for a friend's good fortune.