good nature

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They destroy trust by relying on people's good nature or naivety.
MATT SMITH has admitted that if he had carried on playing Doctor Who, his character would have ditched his good nature and become tougher.
On the contrary, where contact was made there was evidence of courtesy and good nature displayed by both sides.
We are comforted by his deep faith and memories of his wonderful sense of humor, good nature, sharp mind and the love he gave all of us,'' son Ed Michael Reggie said in the statement.
He was of the view that people of Balochistan are of very good nature and if rights are given simply by asking, no one will have to snatch them.
Supporters Direct said: "Clubs are taking unfair advantage of hard-pressed fans' good nature.
But while she might not be 'judge material', the starlet isn't letting her good nature stand in the way of her TV ambitions: fans of the songstress were pleased to hear that she's still open to acting and hosting offers.
The number of fraudulent emails asking for money on behalf of charities is on the rise, the Saudi government has warned, with con-men particularly keen to prey on the religious ideals and good nature of recipients.
You can't appeal to their good nature or sense of responsibility as they have none.
You only have to see how much the Poles have taken our fans to their hearts to understand their infectious good nature and gracious support.
Wylie's intellect was matched by his terrific wit and disarming good nature.
But he (Roberts) is such a genuine person, so positive with a very good nature.